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ATV Racing Puzzle - Easy










3. You can ride your ATV on this
4. Another name for sport ATV
6. You wear these on your hands
9. First off the start gets this
12. Protects your feet and ankles
13. A company supporting a racer or race
14. A class for young children
16. Winner of a race or series
17. To compete on a quad
1. Kids should never ride without it
2. You use these to steer your ATV
5. Protects your eyes
7. This color flag indicates the last lap
8. Helps protect your head, face and mouth
10. Racers in a series compete for these
11. What you must do to ride better
12. Dirt built up on a corner
15. A person who keeps score

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Created by Puzzlemaker at DiscoverySchool.com

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