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ATV Racing History - Difficult Puzzle

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Across Down
2. GNCC ATV champion from 1993-1999. 1. The first GNC Pro 250cc Champ
3. The first GNC Pro 200cc 4-stroke champ 4. Won the ATV Sport Peopleís Choice Award for Amateur Rider of the Year in 2003.
5. Pro who started racing on a dirt bike, then raced an ATV for the first time in 1987. Broke Gary Denton's consecutive winning streak in 1993. 6. National Freestyle Champion 2000-2001
7. Won 7 consecutive GNC series championships 9. Received ATV Sportís Peopleís Choice Awards for Outstanding Sponsor in 1997 and 2000.
8. First to do a backflip on an ATV 12. Won the GNCC championship each year since 2000.
10. Offered Bill Ballance a full factory ride in 2005. 13. The first rider to race the YFZ450 for Yamaha
11. Won 11 GNCC utility class titles and five Baja 1000 victories. 15. The first GNC Pro 200cc 2-stroke champ
14. Offered the first four-wheeled ATV. 16. Former ATV racing champion and four-time "People's Choice" ATV National Promoter of the year
17. Won the last Grand National Championship before motocross and TT split into their own series with individual champions. 18. Company to officially introduce the world's first ATC, or 3-wheeler, in 1970
19. Created the first automatic ATV in 1985. 20. Won the GNC 250 Pro Title in 2000.
20. The first woman to win a GNCC overall.
21. Won the GNC Championship in 1995

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